Pre-Dental Events
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Part of what we do at Colorado ASDA is put on events where pre-dental students can gain hands-on experiences that will give them an edge in applying to dental school.

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Check out some of the events that we have going throughout the year below!

Pre-Dental Days and Simulation Courses

Pre-Dental Day

We hold Pre-Dental Days multiple times throughout the year. These events are usually half-day events where we are able to take you into either our simulation lab or our tech lab to show you the basics of drilling and waxing.

We held our first Pre-Dental Simulation Course last March and it was a huge success. We had pre-dental students come to our campus for a full day of activities. They were able to listen to a welcome from the dean of the School of Dental Medicine, pair up with a partner and learn to give a dental head and neck exam, drill plastic teeth in our simulation clinic and fill them with composite filling material, take impressions and pour them in stone and more!

Summer Pre-Dental Academy

DSB 101

Course Description:
This course aims to provide aspiring pre-dental college students with a unique, in-depth look at the dental application process, the life of a dental student, and the dental profession as a whole. The eight 2-hour lectures are taught by CU dental students. Pre-dental participants are required to attend at least five sessions to receive a course completion certificate.

This course is open to any pre-dental or pre-health individual regardless of program or student status.

Course Outline:

Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Intro Dentistry
Tour of Campus
Personal Statements
Personal Statement Workshop
DAT Study Programs/PAT Strategies
Mock Interviews
Intro to Dental Morphology
Dental Waxing Lab
Intro to Specialties
After Graduation Options
Intro to Tooth Development
Intro to Cariology
Intro to Operative Dentistry
Operative Dentistry Lab

Watch our promotional video about this course to learn more!

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