Removable Prosthodontic Competency 2 (CRPC2) (Try-in, Remount and Delivery)- X5010

This competency can be challenged after delivering 4 arches of complete dentures and is ideally completed on the same patient as your CRPC1 (Border Molding/Final Impression) Competency.

The competency consists of the independent delivery of complete dentures including the clinical remount. This competency must be completed on a patient needing both a maxillary and mandibular complete denture.

This competency may span over multiple appointments. You must inform your covering faculty each clinic session that you are challenging this competency prior to the appointment beginning. The X-code must be planned ahead of time by your Advocate.

Grading will be completed on axiUm and consists of a self-evaluation section and a faculty graded section. The faculty that is covering you when you finish delivering the dentures will grade you. Some professors may require you to perform the 24-hour check before they will complete the grading. For grading criteria, click on the link below:

Denture Delivery Competency Form