Patient Assessment and Treatment Planning Competency Exam (PATPCE)- X0150

This competency can be challenged after you have completed a total of 8 ODs (simple, moderate, or complex). It can be completed on any patient that has been accepted to the school through the Screening Clinic (although certain PATPCE faculty will not allow patients that they consider to be too simple).

The competency consists of an OD including comprehensive oral examination (including a faculty observed oral cancer screening), medical and dental history review, intraoral and extraoral exam, dental findings, and the development of a problem list and treatment plan.

You must challenge this competency in a PATPCE chair on the 3rd floor Adolescent/Heroes Clinic area. The X-code can be planned chair-side, but it is recommended that you confirm with your Advocate that you qualify to challenge it first. It is also recommended that you check with your covering faculty to ensure that they will accept your patient for the competency.

Grading will be completed on a paper form by your covering faculty and reported to the department. For grading criteria, click on the link below:

PATPCE Competency Form