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Periodontal Portfolio - X4910A/B

This competency exam is a longitudinal assessment of your ability to maintain the periodontal health of 4 or more periodontal patients. You may begin treating qualified patients as soon as Perio Lab.

The competency consists of the independent treatment and maintenance of periodontal patients. You must continuously treat 4 or more periodontal patients in the following format:

  • 2 SRP patients (must perform SRP and then at least 2 perio maintenance procedures) - X4910A
  • 2 Perio Maintenance patients (must perform at least 4 perio maintenance procedures) - X4910B

You can perform this procedure either with a periodontist or a hygienist, but it must be in a Perio Chair. You must inform them that you are treating a Perio Portfolio patient prior to the appointment beginning. The X-code can be planned chair-side.

Tracking of your perio portfolio patients will be completed in axiUm. For the evaluation and grading criteria, click on the link below:

Perio Portfolio Competency Form