Perio Phase 1 Reevaluation Competency- X4100

This competency can be challenged after completing 2 Perio Phase 1 Reevaluations.

The competency consists of the independent completion of a perio phase 1 reevaluation including the completion of updated probing depths, FGM, width of keratinized tissue, mobility, and furcations as well as evaluating and planning the next appropriate perio treatments. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, you must challenge this competency on a patient who you treatment planned and performed the treatment for. The patient must have radiographic evidence of bone loss in at least two sextants. Probing depths at the time of the initial examination must have been 5mm or more in the areas with the bone loss. There must be at least 12 teeth in the mouth.

You must challenge this procedure with a full or part-time periodontist and inform them that you are challenging this competency prior to the appointment beginning. The X-code can be planned chair-side.

Grading will be completed in axiUm. For grading criteria, click on the link below:

Perio Reeval Competency Form