"Senior Fixed" or Multi-unit Competency Exam (FDP2) Simulated/Patient Based- X6010/X6011

This competency can be challenged after seating 10 units of fixed dental prostheses and is ideally completed during your DS4 year.

This competency consists of the independent preparation and seating of a multi-unit FDP (a 3 or more unit FPD) or 2 adjacent single-unit FDPs. It may also be performed on a mannequin.

This competency may span over multiple appointments. You must inform your covering faculty each clinic session that you are challenging this competency prior to the appointment beginning. The X-code must be planned ahead of time by your Advocate.

Grading will be completed on axiUm and consists of a self-evaluation section and a faculty graded section. The faculty that is covering you when you finish your prep and take your final impression will fill out the first half of the grading form and the faculty that is covering you when you seat the crown will fill out the second half of the form.

If performed on a mannequin, you will be required to prep tooth #3 for a cast gold crown and tooth #5 for a PFM.

For grading criteria, click on the link below:

Senior Fixed Competency Form

Senior Fixed Mannequin Instructions