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Consultations by Faculty Dentists

Anytime you have a consultation by a faculty dentist, it should be documented. To perform a consultation, do the following:

  1. Add the completed procedure "No Charge- Consultation- diag service by faculty dentist" (D9310-C)
  2. Add the appropriate discipline.
  3. Attach a general note to the code and document what was discussed with the faculty.
  4. Have the faculty approve both the procedure and the note.

OS Consultations

Full-Time Faculty* Consult is required for the following:

  1. Multiple extractions leading to an edentulous arch preparatory for complete dentures whether immediate or not.
  2. Impacted tooth extractions.
  3. All biopsies.
  4. All third molar extractions (also require a Panoramic radiograph).
  5. Completely buried root fragments (D7250). This does not include teeth with crowns decayed to gingival margin (these should be treatment planned as D7140, not D7250).
  6. Extractions on patients with significant medical compromise or behavioral dysfunction.
  7. Pre-prosthetic surgery for vestibular depth increase, frenectomy, etc.
  8. Any patient requiring IV sedation.

*Full-time faculty are Dr. Dobbs, Dr. Su, and Dr. Black

No faculty consultation is needed for the following:

  1. Single or multiple, pathologic, erupted teeth on healthy patients for whom a treatment plan has been approved. This does not include patients being edentulated for complete dentures.