Caries Risk Assessment

  • All patients should have a Caries Risk Assessment (CRA). Previous Caries Risk Assessments can be found under “Forms” in Axium.

  • CRA’s are of no charge to the patient.

  • CRA Code: D0195. Right click on the code and “Add/Edit Classic Treatment Form”.

  • Initial CRA should be performed at the first appointment

    • Fill out the first and fourth tabs, “Assessment” and “Risk Control Report”

  • Follow- up Caries CRA’s should be performed at yearly POE appointments

    • If the patient is high/extreme risk, has lots of behaviors surrounding diet and hygiene to modify, or has an abundance of newly diagnosed caries signaling a shift in oral environment, you can reassess in 3-4 months. 

    • During reassessment only fill out the third tab “Reassessment”