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Where to Find Current Procedure Fees

There are 2 ways to find fees for procedure codes in all dental school clinics:

  • In axiUm: 
  1. Click "Links" at the top left.
    • Click "Finance" -- there is a pdf file titled "SDM Fee Guide for all clinics, Medicaid and Delta update". 
      • Undergraduate clinics are listed under the "PRED" column.
  2. Open a new treatment plan under the "Tx Plans" tab.
    • Add the procedure code and click the green check box -- the fee will be listed on the right side.
    • As long as the tx plan has not been swiped, you can delete it.
    • Certain procedures, e.g. Sinus Augmentation via Lateral Window Approach (D7951), are not available to be planned by undergraduate dental students.


axiUm links finance.png