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Implant Planning Protocol

Below are the steps to be taken from tx planning of an implant to placement by the Grad Perio/GPR Department.


  1. Dental Student gets the patient
  2. Diagnostic Workup (or re-workup if a legacy patient) including:
    • Diagnostic Casts mounted
    • Diagnostic wax-up
  3. Prosthodontic Consult
  4. Radiographic Guide (Stent) made and approved by pros faculty
  5. CBCT form filled and approved by pros faculty
  6. CBCT taken
  7. Review of CBCT with Pros faculty, complete and approve Implant Flow form including
    • Verify Restorative treatment plan is approved and signed by patient
    • Choose dental implant manufacturer
    • Suggest diameter and length of the implant
  8. Refer to Perio/GPR residency with Axium referral form
    • Perio/GPR surgical implant plan (need of grafting)
  9. Perio/GPR-Pros faculty discussion of treatment plan and implant placement plan prior to implant placement
  10. Conversion of radiographic stent to surgical stent, or fabrication of new one


  • Dental Students are NOT credential providers and are working under the Restorative Department faculty credentials, thus surgeons must interact with Pros or selective Restorative Department faculty prior to implant placement
  • Dental Student --> Perio/GPR resident --> implant/pros diagnosis --> CBCT --> to implant placement = NOT ALLOWED
  • You MUST interact and have approval by Pros or selective Restorative Department faculty before implant placement.

For a step-by-step guide to restoring implants, see Restoring Implants in the Restorative section.