ASDA Lunch and Learn FAQs

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What time and days are available to sponsor a Lunch & Learn?
Lunch & Learns can be scheduled M-Th and are always held from 12-12:50pm.
It is important that you wrap up promptly at 12:50pm as students will have class to attend at 1pm.

How many students and from which classes will be in attendance?
All dental students from each class will receive an invitation to attend your presentation. This includes first, second, third, and fourth year students as well as students from the international program. Typically attendance averages approximately 110 students, but attendance will also be determined by the food option you select.

What time should I arrive at the school?
We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes prior to your presentation. If there is no class in session upon your arrival, you may begin setting up. If a class is in session, set-up will begin at 11:50am.

What should I bring?
You may bring any paper handouts or educational materials that you wish. However, anything besides paper handouts (pens or other free gifts with or without company logo) are not permitted. You can bring a PowerPoint presentation on a laptop computer or a flash drive. You can also access your PowerPoint via e mail.

Why can I not bring items other than paper handouts to give to students?
Due to our school’s Conflict of Interest Policy, we cannot accept free products, programs or discounts of any kind. The purpose of a Lunch & Learn is to educate our students, not for participating organizations to directly promote specific companies, products, or services by handing out free samples.

Will I need to make any arrangements for food ordering, delivery, or pick-up?
No. Our Lunch & Learn coordinator will arrange for ordering food. Lunch will then be delivered the day and time of the presentation.

Why can I not provide the food myself?
Due to our school’s Conflict of Interest Policy, we cannot accept free products, programs or discounts of any kind (including food), so your sponsorship is limited to money donations/sponsorships. However, with your sponsorship, we are able to provide food to our members ourselves.

What if I want more students to attend than the listed max for my food option?
We may be able to meet your request. Please contact us at for price quotes.

Can I choose a different food choice than what is offered?
We may be able to meet this request, but due to the difficulty of handling such a large order, we ask that you select a food option from the food places we have already received quotes from.

Can I pay by check?
Vendors are encouraged to pay online. However, if you must make payment via check, select the “Pay by Check” box in the form and we will contact you soon with an address to send your check to. Checks should be made out to CU ASDA.
If you have any questions about payment, please contact our Lunch and Learn Coordinator, Summer Shannon, at