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Oral Surgery (OS) Clinic Rotations

Each student is assigned a certain number of OS rotations per semester. You are required to be in the OS clinic on those specified dates and times unless you fill out the Trade Agreement on axiUm with another student to trade dates for OS rotations. 

Sometimes you are assigned a patient and procedure prior to your rotation, and sometimes a patient from EM is assigned to you while you're in the OS clinic on your rotation. 


Key things to remember in os clinic

  • Print out a full page size of the PA radiograph or Pano of the tooth/teeth you will be extracting
  • Get vitals on every patient (if they came from EM, the EM student provider should give you their work-up with vitals already taken)
    • Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, SpO2, Respiration Rate, Temperature
  • Go through informed consent with patient in the operatory (copies are laminated and velcroed to the cabinet or wall by the computer in each operatory)
    • If patient came from EM, they should already have signed the consent
  • Patient signs consent on hallway computer
  • Present to covering Oral Surgeon with vitals, Med Hx & medications (know them and their mode of action), and radiograph(s) in hand
  • Always wear PPE! All items can be found in the cabinets above the sink after you wash your hands/scrub in:
    • Yellow gown
    • Mask
    • Surgeon's cap or bouffant cap (all hair must be covered, "no cute ponytails sticking out the back" -Annette)
    • Sterile gloves (Know your size! Ask an assistant to help you if you don't know, don't just start tearing open packages and trying them on)
  • Do not touch sterile operating field / table without sterile gloves on
  • If you have never set up a chair before, ask an assistant for help!