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"Floating" Perio Faculty

The Perio Department has periodically employed the use of a "floating" periodontist for certain procedures completed in Comp Care chairs in clinic. As of Spring 2017, the use of a perio floater was permitted and could be utilized as follows:

The perio floater is on-call Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This arrangement is to accommodate for 4 comprehensive perio exams and 2 consults. No competencies, procedures or perio phase 1 re-evaluations can be planned with the floater. Competencies can only be challenged with faculty on the floor. If you need to schedule a perio phase 1 re-eval, you can book a hygienist chair and a periodontist will examine and complete the procedure for you...

If you are scheduling for a floater, please make sure that you are not booked in a hygiene chair. You can be physically in any clinic, but not with a hygienist.  Appointments for the floater, if available, can be taken until 11:00 in the AM session and 4:00 in the PM session.

To schedule the perio floater:

  1. Go to the personal planner. From the first screen, go to the “User Forms” icon.
  2. After clicking on the icon, click the folder with a plus icon

    to add a new form. The only form you will be able to choose will be the Perio Floater Request Form. Click OK.

  3. Complete the form with the information required to request a floater. You do not need to get faculty approval for this form.
  4. When you get to the “Available” field. Click on the “Calculate” button and axiUm will then look to see if there is a perio floater available for the session and reason you are requesting.
  5. If approved, the perio floater will then pull reports daily containing the information for all of their requests.

For a screenshot of where to find the perio floater request form in axiUm, click on the link below:

Perio Floater Request Instructions