Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you so much for your interest! The prices below are the base prices for our sponsorship options. We offer sponsorship packages, highly attended block party options, lunch and learn opportunities, and media options. Colorado ASDA also hosts exclusive events such as the Professional Development & Leadership Conference. Sponsorship registration for our exclusive events will be opening soon

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Sponsorship Packages

High Noble Package ($2,800): Fall Sponsor Block Party ($1,200 value), Tier 3 Lunch and Learn ($1,8000 value). A $3,000 value!

Semi Precious Package ($2,500): Fall Sponsor Block Party ($1,200 value), Tier 2 Lunch and Learn ($1,450 value). A $2,650 value!

Base Metal Package ($2,350): Fall Sponsor Block Party ($1,200 value), Tier 1 Lunch and Learn ($1,250 value). A $2,450 value!

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Sponsor Block Party

Sponsor Block Party Options: available in addition to or separate from any packages that you may have selected above.

Spring Block Party Only: $1,200

Fall Block Party Only: $1,200

Spring & Fall Block Parties: $2,250

Loupes Fair Only: $1,100

Loupes Fair & Spring OR Fall Block Party: $1,500

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Lunch and Learn Opportunties

All options provide food for 100 students. By selecting a Lunch and Learn option, you are agreeing to our Lunch and Learn Terms and Conditions.

Below are food option "tiers" that contain two different food choices. Based on the food provided at other Lunch and Learns in close proximity to your Lunch and Learn date and in order to increase variety of food provided to our members, we reserve the right to make the final food decision.

Tier 3: $1,800

Tier 2: $1,450

Tier 1: $1,250

For more information about our Lunch and Learns, please visit our Lunch and Learns FAQs page.

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Website Sponsor

Logo in the Sponsors section of our website!

6 months: $320

3 months: $200

1 month: $80

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