Important information: There is no longer a minimum requirement to challenge your SRP competency. When you feel competent you may challenge. All Perio Competency sheets may be found in the East Clinic near the coordinators suite. 

  • First: does the patient have a 9A form approved by a periodontist for the SRP?
  • Scaling and root planing 4 teeth per quad code is D4341
  • Scaling and root planing 1-3 teeth per quad is D4342
  • You must record a plaque index prior to beginning the SRP
  • Pocket depths of 5mm or greater are indications for SRP
  • With a Medicaid patient all SRPs must have a PAR form prior to starting

Materials Needed: -Piezo or Cavitron  -Disclosing Solution  -Perio Cassette  -Perio Files  -Anesthetic (topical and local)  -Local Anesthetic Syringe