Thank You


12792279_809343045875815_7331941014491251772_o Three years ago, Colorado ASDA created a Facebook page.  Two years ago, the Colorado Quickset blog, CEJ, and our Instagram account were born.  Less than one year ago, we created our very own YouTube channel.  Last week, Colorado ASDA was recognized for our efforts and awarded Best Use of Social Media at the 2016 Annual Session Gold Crown Awards.  This award does not go to any one individual, but rather to our entire chapter for our efforts.

Organized dentistry is a powerful thing.  ASDA represents dental students all over the country, and acts as a unified voice to speak up for the best interest of dental students as a whole.  ASDA cannot work at the national level without the contributions of each individual chapter in states and regions across the country.  ASDA cannot work at the local chapter level without the students at each school working together to represent this voice.  The volume of ASDA is increased through an expanding membership working together as a team, and Social Media is an integral part of making this happen.

Today, a huge portion of information shared between people is via social media.  In order to ensure the success of a growing organization, especially one with a high member turnover rate such as ASDA, the speed at which information is transferred is critical.  Social media allows us to send and receive this information in an instant, and the use of photos, videos, and 160 character limits better engage the eyes and minds of our Millennial selves.

I want to extend a huge Thank You to all of Colorado ASDA for your role in making our chapter the Best in Social Media.  Your contributions through watching videos, liking photos, reading articles, and sharing Facebook posts won us this prestigious Gold Crown Award at the dental school equivalent of the Oscar's awards.  Dream Bigger ASDA!