How's my Temperature?

Every dental student’s curriculum includes education of common pathogens and their associated diseases. After countless hours of Microbiology lectures and SketchyMicro videos, I thought I had heard it all. However, it wasn’t until attending Annual Session in Anaheim that I learned of ASDA Fever.

The first time I heard this phrase being used, I thought it was a bit corny. But throughout my time in Anaheim, I began to understand what my fellow dental students meant when they said it. Although it isn’t a physical disease (or so I hope), ASDA Fever is an infectious state of mind. It is an understanding of the intangible benefits not only of being a member of the American Student Dental Association, but of actively contributing to and seizing the opportunities that the organization provides.


At the chapter level, ASDA provides its students with experiences that supplement the education we receive in the classroom and clinic. It was at an ASDA community outreach event during my first year that I dressed as the Tooth Fairy and taught children about oral hygiene, and it was through ASDA events like Shimstock (our school talent show) and Amalgames (a day of field games put on to welcome the incoming first years each Fall) that I formed quality friendships with upper classmen.

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What I hadn’t experienced until Annual Session was the benefit of being a part of such an influential, national-level organization.

Attending Annual Session and seeing the high level of involvement from so many dental students across the nation was an inspiring experience. The four-day event was filled with learning about legislation, collaborating and idea sharing between chapters, and honoring each chapter’s achievements over the past year. We were proud to receive Gold Crown awards for Best Website Design, Best Social Media Campaign, and Most Creative Application – making Colorado one of the most decorated chapters at this year’s Annual Session. The election of our own Austin Tyler as District 9 Trustee further added to our chapter’s recognition.

The University of Colorado has been and continues to be an exceptionally strong chapter both locally and nationally. Colorado’s success at the local level (we won the Ideal ASDA award in 2016) as well as historical presence in the District and National leadership of ASDA (multiple recent District Trustees and the 2015-2016 National President were from Colorado) has earned our chapter a strong reputation… Or maybe we have our reputation because of the Storm Trooper dance we did during the President’s Gala.

I am proud to be an active member of ASDA’s Colorado chapter and to have the opportunity to serve on the executive board for two years. I encourage every dental student to get involved with ASDA and experience the benefits first-hand. Who knows, you might just catch ASDA Fever.


Crispin currently lives in a house near campus with two of his classmates, and although he is the only one of the three who was born in Colorado, he is the sole out-of-state student in the household. Crispin spends his free time playing spikeball, skiing, and watching Game of Thrones with his roommates. He prides himself in being the uncontested #1 Mario Kart player in his second-year class.