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Thrush Week Recap

The Amalgames Group

We know it has been a couple of weeks, but we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you everyone who participated in our first ever Thrush Week! For those of you who weren't able to participate, here is what happened:

Monday: Meet and Greet

Monday: Meet and Greet

We had an awesome turnout at our first Thrush Week event: the Team Meet and Greet. Participants were placed into teams and were able to come up with a team name. From there it was just chillin' with some great food, great fun, and great ASDA.

Tuesday: Dental School Selfie Competition

Dental School Selfie Competition WinnersDental School Selfie Competition Winners

Tuesday we got some awesome submissions for the Dental School Selfie Competition. The Molar Mashers and Top Gunnerz were declared the winners for their creativity!

Wednesday: Lunchtime Sports

Wednesday we got some sports equipment set up for everybody to relieve some stress during lunch.

Thursday: Dental Joke Contest

No Pulp?!

Thursday's Dental Joke Contest brought a ton of laughs and earned The Ross Conners and Team Awesome some extra diamonds for their team.

Friday: Initiaion Lunch and Learn

Initiation Lunch and Learn

We had a HUGE turn out for the ASDA Initiation Lunch and Learn. The Class of 2018 chowed down on Papa John's pizza while they were properly introduced to Colorado ASDA and the possibilities that can come from membership.

Saturday: The Amalgames

The Crowned Knight Guards of Anschutz

Thrush Week ended with a bang as teams gathered together to compete in the Amalgames. Team Whale Squid came out victorious and was awarded the Cup of Carabelli and named the Crowned Knight Guards of Anschutz.

All in all it was a great week. Thanks again for everyone that participated. We'll see you all next year for another amazing Thrush Week! And once again, Welcome Class of 2018!

~Kyle Luis Larsen, Class of 2017, Colorado ASDA President-Elect

Thrush Week


...Colorado ASDA presents Thrush Week! Thrush Week is series of events during the first week of school that ASDA is hosting as an introduction to the new school year. Both the incoming Class of 2018 and current students are invited to register, and participation is a must! Participants will be arranged into teams where they will compete to earn "diamonds." The team with the most diamonds at the end of the week will win the Cup of Carabelli and have their names engraved on a plaque! And now, because of a grant we received from national ASDA, students will be able to attend all of the week's events for FREE! The events include:

Monday 8/11: Meet and Greet from 5:30-7:30pm. Meet your Thrush Week team over snacks and prepare to battle for the Cup of Carabelli!

Tuesday 8/12: Dental School Selfie Contest. Post your best dental school selfie on Instagram or Twitter and tag #ThrushWeek and you could win 5 diamonds for your team! However, following Colorado ASDA on Instagram or Twitter is a requirement to win!

Wednesday 8/13: Lunchtime Sports from 12:00-12:50pm. Enjoy your lunch break outdoors with us and play some volleyball, ultimate frisbee or just relax in the sun. Your team will win participation diamonds just for coming!

Thursday 8/14: Dental Joke Contest. Have a hilarious dental joke? Submit it as a post here on Colorado ASDA's blog, The Colorado Quickset. The winner will receive diamonds for their team. However, remember to like Colorado ASDA on Facebook in order to win!

Friday 8/15: Initiation Lunch and Learn from 12:00-12:50pm (Class of 2018 only). Come join us for free food and learn about everything that makes ASDA so worthwhile!

The Cup of Carabelli

Then, for the finale, on August 16th, all students registered for Thrush Week are cordially invitedto participate in the Amalgames! This is a dentathlon (dental decathlon) tournament comprised of 10 challenges that include events such as the Inlay Onlay Relay Race, Mulberry Molar Pie Eating Contest, and much more. Alongside your Thrush Week team, all will continue the race to win the ultimate prize: the Cup of Carabelli (see picture on the right). The team bestowed this high honor will be pronounced the "Crowned Knight Guards of Anschutz" and their names will be engraved on a plaque in their honor. The Cup of Carabelli and the plaque are kept on campus so that everyone will know of the winning team's glory!

Please join us as we welcome the new students and begin the new school year!

To participate in Thrush Week and the Amalgames, register now at

For more information about the Amalgames visit the official website at

~Lauren Llorente, Class of 2017, DS1 Orientation Committee Chair