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Comprehensive Oral Evaluation - a.k.a. "Oral Diagnosis (OD)"

The Comprehensive Oral Eval or Oral Diagnosis (OD) is the first few appointments after a patient is accepted in screening and assigned a student provider. Every patient only goes through the OD process ONCE; after that, a Periodic Oral Evaluation (POE, D0120) is completed every 12 months. OD's typically take 2-3 appointments and cost $45, which is good information to give to your patient when you call them to schedule their appointment.

D01501 is a "Simple" Comp Oral Eval, D01502 is "Moderate", and D01503 is "Complex".  

The code is broken into the following steps:

  • D01501A - Head and Neck Exam
  • D01501B - Dental Exam
  • D01501C - Treatment Plan Presentation

The treatment codes must be completed and approved by faculty in order before completing the master code (D01501, 2, or 3). Additionally, the Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation 9a (D0180) -- if indicated -- must be completed before the Treatment Plan Presentation.

Indications for 9a

  • Probing depths greater than 4mm
  • Radiographic bone loss
  • Generalized or localized recession
  • Evidence of furcation involvement

As of Spring 2017, PSR scores are no longer used, and every patient requires a comprehensive periodontal chart on file every 12 months.

So...which FORMS need to be filled out / swiped?

Forms checklist:

  • Physical Exam Data Base (4)
  • Caries Risk Assessment (attached to Caries Risk Assessment code, D0195)
  • Comp Perio Eval (9a) - *only if needed, see above* (attached to Comp Perio Eval code, D0180)


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