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The Gold Crown Awards ~or~ The Academy Awards of Student Dentistry

16717466071_c468297823_z The air buzzes with excitement as 650 dental students from across the country stroll the red carpet, schmoozing with the dental “celebrities” in attendance. They’re all decked in the nicest clothes they could fit in their suitcases, and smiles and laughter abound. The delegation from Colorado ASDA walks in confidently, but I feel traitorously nervous. Colorado is on the ballot for several awards, many in the newsletter category. Why I was nervous, I may never know, but this is a blog, and one must spill ones feelings on a blog.

It’s practically a rule of blogging.

I try to mimic the confidence of my fellow Coloradoans, and perhaps I half-succeed. At least looking through the multitudes of pictures afterwards I can’t see my nerves on display. The doors to the ballroom open, but our group pauses to take a few additional pictures. People stream inside and I worry we won’t get seats. Finally, we push through the double doors and sit towards the back of the room, taking up nearly an entire row.

Past presidents and editors of ASDA take to the stage and perform song and dance, spinning about in fantastically sparkly outfits just like they do at the actual Oscars. Presenters occupy the microphone two at a time, unsealing envelopes and announcing winners while roasting anyone and everyone. Much of it rolls off of me. As this is my first national ASDA event, I don’t know most of the presenters, or who they’re good-naturedly insulting.

But then a familiar face takes the stage, Colorado’s very own Christian Piers. As national Editor-in-chief, he’s charged with announcing many of the newsletter-related awards. When he says, “People might think I helped with this newsletter…,” some part of me knows he’s going to announce Colorado as the winner, but I still have to be waved out of my seat by half my delegation when he inevitably does. I walk up on stage, smile for an acceptance picture—the spotlights are blinding so I have no idea where to look—and then make the long walk back to my seat, being congratulated by strangers the entire way. The experience was rather surreal.

By the end of the night, Colorado has won five Gold Crowns:

  • Outstanding Membership and Communication
  • Best Newsletter Layout and Design
  • Outstanding Social Media
  • Most Creative Presentation
  • District 9 Delegate of the Year

This last one is won by our own Kyle Larsen, ’17, and truly, the other four are his awards as well. I know he’ll say, “It was a team effort.” And it surely was. We do have a fantastic group of wannabe dentists on our executive committee this year, led fearlessly by our Commander-in-chief, Christian Piers, ‘16. But Kyle does an unbelievable amount of work for Colorado ASDA, and these awards are his recognition for a job well done. Let me try to put this in perspective. In the last eight years, Colorado ASDA has won one Gold Crown Award.

This year, we won five.

That’s not coincidence.

It’s dedication.


~Rick Collette, Class of 2017, Colorado ASDA Editor-in-chief

What ASDA can do for Pre-Dental Students

What ASDA Can Do

Like most students in the 21st century, you probably use the internet as your primary source of information. The downside is the abundance of information. Some good, some bad, and some that may not be applicable to your situation. A great solution to this problem is the American Student Dental Association (ASDA). ASDA memberships go far beyond getting the information that you need. They also offer helpful tips for bettering your chances of being accepted into dental school. You’ll also get their publications for free. The experiences, networking opportunities, and member discounts that are available are worth the membership fee itself.

If your experience online was anything like mine, you’ve probably spent hours reading information from various sources. Needless to say, some of these sources may have made you feel like you had no chance of getting into dental school. After joining ASDA, I realized that my chances of getting accepted were greater than I had first thought. All of their information gets right to the point. I learned that the road to dental school is not as confined as some websites would lead you to believe. They have advice on which schools may be best for you, how to write those pesky personal statements, DAT preparation, and the requirements for applying. Are you interested in the field of dentistry, but not certain about the investment? ASDA can definitely help, giving information on life before, during, and after dental school by dentist and dental students.

 As an ASDA member you’re never alone, with chapters all over the nation. Depending on your location some chapters offer great pre-dental programs that allow you to talk with current dental students and other dental professionals. These events are a gold mine of information and guidance. You get to meet directly with current dental students who have been where you are currently. I attended an event that met every Saturday, over eight weeks that was about two hours away from where I live. The drive was long, but definitely worth it with mock-interviews, DAT strategies, and prize giveaways. My favorite part was working with a hand piece to fill cavities on model teeth. The best part was the welcoming and helpful environment the dental students provided. Most even gave their contact information for any questions or personal statement reviews.

Being a part of ASDA can greatly increase your odds of getting into a dental school too. This is a nationally recognized association of dental students. So imagine how good it would look to put “ASDA Member” under the Professional Experience section, of your AADSAS application. You can also build your resume by being active within the association. For example, if you’re a writer, you can apply to write for their many national publications which includes Mouth, ASDA News, and the Mouthing Off blog.

In addition to all of this, ASDA offers discounts and their publications for free. The publications are very beneficial to pre-dental students.  As a member, you’re offered discounts on auto insurance and DAT preparation material. Trust me, if you’re not looking for insurance, the discounts on the test prep material are worth the membership fee itself. You also get Mouth sent to you quarterly and ASDA News monthly for free. As a pre-dental member, you will also receive Getting into Dental School: ASDA’s Guide for Predental Students. This guide gives you information about every dental school, career options as a dentist, and details about the loans and scholarships that are available

You already know that just the application process for dental school is a big investment. Out of all the resources available to you, why not use the one that will be the most beneficial? There are a ton of places where you can learn about dentistry. But, you’ll have to take time out of your already busy schedule to find what will actually help you. With an ASDA membership you’ll have what you need to succeed. Don’t make the process harder than it has to be. Join ASDA now to help you with your journey into dentistry.

~Reggie Perdue, Pre-Dental ASDA Member

DS1 Summer Orientation

10549732_873428916020330_3152139720206762133_o Over the last few months, new students have been anxiously awaiting the start of dental school, and at last, Friday concluded DS1 summer orientation.  Students got a chance to learn about their new classmates via daily ice breakers and fun interactive activities, while also getting to know the staff and support offered at the School of Dental Medicine.  Highlights from the week include Apple support day, where IT staff helped students set up their new MacBook computers, a scavenger hunt which allowed students to work together to find important places around campus, and a barbecue in which upperclassmen had the opportunity to speak about different student organizations on campus.  DS1s also had to opportunity to attend a Colorado Rockies game and mingle with their classmates, professors, and SODM staff.

With a week of orientation under their belts, the Class of 2018 has officially begun their journey through the next four years.

On behalf of Colorado ASDA, good luck and have fun!



Launch: Colorado ASDA's Official Blog

Welcome to Colorado ASDA's first blog post!  In a world where social media is the foundation of many conversations and relationships, we thought a digital blog would be the perfect tool to connect members.  Our goal for this blog is to keep members updated on happenings within Colorado ASDA, as well as to share with the world how great it is to be a dental student at CU.  We look forward to posting informative and entertaining articles to keep you updated on the obvious and not-so-obvious goings on in dentistry and dental education.  As a member of Colorado ASDA, this blog is yours to do with what you wish.  We see potential in each of you as a prospective author, so email us ( to share your knowledge and experiences.  We all love Colorado ASDA, and together, let's make it even better!

~Ali Lindauer, Class of 2017, Colorado ASDA Electronic Editor