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DS1 Summer Orientation

10549732_873428916020330_3152139720206762133_o Over the last few months, new students have been anxiously awaiting the start of dental school, and at last, Friday concluded DS1 summer orientation.  Students got a chance to learn about their new classmates via daily ice breakers and fun interactive activities, while also getting to know the staff and support offered at the School of Dental Medicine.  Highlights from the week include Apple support day, where IT staff helped students set up their new MacBook computers, a scavenger hunt which allowed students to work together to find important places around campus, and a barbecue in which upperclassmen had the opportunity to speak about different student organizations on campus.  DS1s also had to opportunity to attend a Colorado Rockies game and mingle with their classmates, professors, and SODM staff.

With a week of orientation under their belts, the Class of 2018 has officially begun their journey through the next four years.

On behalf of Colorado ASDA, good luck and have fun!



Launch: Colorado ASDA's Official Blog

Welcome to Colorado ASDA's first blog post!  In a world where social media is the foundation of many conversations and relationships, we thought a digital blog would be the perfect tool to connect members.  Our goal for this blog is to keep members updated on happenings within Colorado ASDA, as well as to share with the world how great it is to be a dental student at CU.  We look forward to posting informative and entertaining articles to keep you updated on the obvious and not-so-obvious goings on in dentistry and dental education.  As a member of Colorado ASDA, this blog is yours to do with what you wish.  We see potential in each of you as a prospective author, so email us ( to share your knowledge and experiences.  We all love Colorado ASDA, and together, let's make it even better!

~Ali Lindauer, Class of 2017, Colorado ASDA Electronic Editor